Breakfast in Bed for Mom—the Panera Bread Way

Breakfast in Bed for Mom—the Panera Bread Way

Wow the top woman in your life by feeding her great food and lots of love.

Mother’s Day may be the top day for treating Mom to breakfast in bed, but often that means Dad and the kids think about it and then fall short when trying to make it special. Not sure how to pull off a memorable breakfast this year? Trust us: moms appreciate the thought behind the morning meal (and the chance to rest in bed a while longer) almost as much as the actual food you serve. Here are some ideas for a sweet and simple reclining repast for the mother of the house. 

Heart-shaped toad-in-the-hole: Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to slice out the center of a thick piece bread from a specialty or artisan loaf, such as our Cinnamon Raisin Swirl or Country varieties. Cook the bread in a pan with a little butter and fry an egg right in the middle. Love!

Creative cream cheese: Pick up the Panera Bread bagels she loves, but gussy up plain cream cheese. For example, top it with fruit. Or blend cherries or berries with cream cheese for a colorful, sweet spread. 

Mini dishes: Who doesn’t love a mini anything? The advantage of small food is that it’s easy to eat with less muss and fuss, which is key when you’re eating away from the table. Enlist a capable tween or teen to help whip up a simple recipe, like these Baked Egg and Toast Cups with Tomatoes and Cheddar, which can be cooked in a muffin tin. 

Simple spread: For the mom who isn’t a big breakfast eater, you can prepare—either the night before or while she’s still asleep—a tray with typical Continental-style breakfast items that she can pick from when she wakes. Include an electric kettle of water (which you’ll heat just before serving), a mug, and some tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, or instant oatmeal. Also offer a plate with one of our bakery muffins and some fresh fruit. A small carton of shelf-stable milk and packets of sweetener complete the spread. 

Room service role-play: Go fancy hotel on Mom, and buy or borrow nice service pieces (like a silver dome to place over a cooked breakfast). Bonus: if you have a rolling bar cart, cover it with crisp linens and accessorize with a bud vase to complete the scenario. 

Back in time: Scour dollar or thrift stores for classic restaurant items like a metal napkin dispenser, diner-style mugs for coffee, or old-fashioned cola glasses for juice. Fix her favorite hearty breakfast, such as an omelet or French toast. (You can find many delicious recipes that fit the theme here.) Earn extra points if you and the kids get dressed up in fun ’50s garb to set the scene.

Take-out treat: No time to go elaborate this year? Run out for her favorite Panera Bread treat, tie the to-go bag with a pretty ribbon, and attach a handwritten note from the kids. Just don’t forget the coffee! 

Homemade tray: Ready to skip the Mom’s Day breakfast ritual because you don’t own a bed tray? Make your own! Get the kids to cover a shallow, sturdy cardboard box (like the kind canned food could be packed in at a big-box store) with wrapping paper or line it with linens.