Father’s Day Favorites

Father’s Day Favorites

It’s no secret that (good) food can win a man’s heart.

“My dad loves my chocolate-chip cookies. We live in different states, but I always bake and mail him some for Father’s Day.” —Stefanie S.

“I like to get my dad Orange Scones from Panera Bread®. Those are his favorite!” —Cyndel G.

“I always make my dad a coconut cream pie, but then we end up sneaking into the kitchen and eating it before it can completely cool.” —Tiffany F.

“Date pinwheels: My dad’s mom made them for him every year, and now I make them for him. So delicious.” —Brette S.

“Something with bacon!” —David W.

“My dad always asks me to make him my famous sour cream banana bread with streusel topping. There is something very loving about a warm loaf of homemade banana bread.” —Erin Z.

“Oh, how I wish I could give my dad treats. He passed away 33 years ago, and I still miss him every day. Chocolate-chip cookies…that’s what I’d make for him.” —Margret Ann A.

“My father is not a sweets person by any means, but I make him his favorites: Italian cheesecake and sometimes biscotti with dried cherries and dark chocolate.” —Rachel M.

“Lemon meringue pie, his favorite!” —Lorraine C.

“My dad is gone now, but [he] loved his buttermilk coffee cake on Dad’s Day!” —Gail S.

“My dad loves Panera’s fruit Danishes and Bear Claws with a mug of coffee.” —Deeandra C.

“I celebrate with my husband: I always bake a cake for him, pamper him for the day, and cook out on the grill with burgers, chicken, ribs, and my quickly-becoming-famous homemade barbecue-baked beans. Our seven kids also join in the fun.” —Jessica R.

Making His Day Even More Special

Dad doesn’t need a lot of money or a splashy present. Show him your appreciation with a heartfelt gesture or a shared experience. 

  • Write a letter. The sentiments in store-bought Father’s Day cards are nice, but they may not hit on exactly how you feel. Think of something your dad did for you lately (or long in the past) and tell him about it. Did he teach you how to throw a ball or balance a checkbook or make a killer marinara sauce? Say Thanks in your own words.
  • Share an experience. What most fathers want is time with you. Sign up for a painting class or golf lesson with him, or check into programs he might enjoy at a local bookstore or library. Or just drive together to a favorite spot you haven’t been to since you were a kid.
  • Go out for breakfast. A hearty morning meal at your local Panera Bread could be the start to a daylong celebration—or the highlight of it. Just don’t forget the coffee.