Panera Cares

Panera Cares® Community Cafe

The Panera Bread Foundation’s non-profit bakery-cafe in Boston, MA, works with customers to help feed those in need.

In this nonprofit location, we will feed anyone. We offer a dignified dining experience in an uplifting environment – without judgment – whether or not a person can pay. Panera Cares– operated by the Panera Bread Foundation, a separate Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity – is meant to raise the level of awareness about food insecurity in this country, while also being a catalyst for change in our communities.

Panera Cares is designed to help address the ever-worsening epidemic of food insecurity (hunger) in the U.S.  Consider this: according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),  12 percent, or 15.6 million U.S. households, are considered food insecure. Simply put, for a significant number of Americans, putting food on the table is a struggle. 

We’re trying to help fix that. While many solutions exist to provide access to food, Panera Cares is designed to address hunger in a new way…in a restaurant setting that maintains one’s dignity and fills one’s belly.

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