7 Reasons You Need a Rapid Pick-Up Breakfast

Early mornings can be full of surprises—some welcome, some not. Here’s how Rapid Pick-Up can save the day before it even starts.


1. The Doughnut Dodge: You know full well that a dozen doughnuts will be staring you down at your morning meeting.

Solution: Pick up a Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat with Reduced-Fat Wild Blueberry Cream Cheese and a coffee. Enjoy envious looks from colleagues.

2. The Clothing Conundrum: You’re running late because your child can’t choose between two shirts.

Solution: Place your Rapid Pick-Up order online during deliberations. Drop kidlet off at school, then pick up your I-didn’t-lose-my-temper treat.

3. The Red-Eye Meeting: You're checking work email late at night and notice a new 8 a.m. meeting on the schedule for tomorrow.

Solution: Hop online and place your Rapid Pick-Up order now. (Orders are good up to two weeks in advance!)

4. The Morning Scramble: You search for your car keys for half an hour only to spot them on the hook—right where they were supposed to be.

Solution: Place your order in the driveway on your way out. There's nothing a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel can't fix.

5. The Go-Get-’Em-Tiger: A big test is on the horizon, and your kiddo’s nerves are setting in. (And maybe yours, too, a little.)

Solution: Breeze through Panera before school; nosh together in the car and talk about big goals and dreams.

6.The Careful Customizer: You love swapping around ingredients to get EXACTLY the flavors you want. But the line milling behind you while you order? You’re not so crazy about that.

Solution: Mix and match ingredients in your online Rapid Pick-Up order. Take as long as you want.

7. The Everyday Superhero: Who puts in the hustle and supplies the muscle? Yup, that’s right—you do.

Solution: Treat yourself to a clean, crispy, golden-brown soufflé. You’re kind of a big deal. (And you should remind yourself of that more often!)