Panera Clean Ingredients

(Un)Dressed to Impress

Our salads are even better with clean dressings.

You’re probably asking yourself, why mess with a good thing? Well, we couldn’t settle for good when we thought we could do something great. That was the thinking behind our new salad dressings. We’ve cleaned them up, which means Panera’s dressings are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives. Why? We believe that fewer, fresher, simpler ingredients make everything taste better. We wanted our new dressings to be as close as possible to what you’d make in your own kitchen.

Here’s how we did it: Our chefs broke down each dressing to its individual ingredients, swapped out all the artificial stuff for clean alternatives, then put them back together again. One dressing could take months to get just right, but it was totally worth it. Our salad dressings are as delicious as always, but now even better.

What's Different:

No artificial sweeteners: How sweet it is to know that we're using clean sweeteners in our salad dressings.

No artificial preservatives: These are what give bottled dressings a long shelf life. We’ve replaced them with natural antioxidants, like rosemary extract, that act as preservatives.

No artificial flavors: These false notes are gone, replaced with natural flavors or whole-food sources, like real lemon juice and fresh herbs.