What’s Aioli Fuss About?

Sure, garlic-spiked mayo is delicious—but why stop there? Try these twists using common ingredients to add new flavor appeal to your sandwiches.

1. Start with…Mayonnaise

Mayo is a sandwich classic for a reason…and it’s the perfect blank slate for introducing other flavors. Put a little mayo in a bowl and mix in sriracha sauce or harissa to taste for spicy mayo. Of course, you can also puree a roasted clove of garlic or two and mix them into mayo for a quick aioli; add in a little pesto, and you won’t be far from the Basil Mayo on The Italian, one of our newest sandwiches.

Use it up: Made a big batch of flavored mayo? Toss your spicy or garlicky mayo with hot potatoes to serve as a side dish—or mash the mixture up entirely for a fun take on mashed potatoes.


2. Start with…Jam

Think beyond PB&J…or even Monte Cristos. Fire up your favorite jam by adding a dab of pureed chipotles in adobo sauce. (Try this sweet-hot spread on deli meat sandwiches—trust us.) And if you’re looking for a topper for pulled pork or chicken, you can’t go wrong mixing jam with BBQ sauce.

Use it up: Spoon flavored jams over softened cream cheese and serve with crackers as an appetizer.


3. Start with…Cream Cheese

Blend jam into cream cheese for a sweet sandwich spread (or a decadent sandwich filler for grilled cheese), or try mixing in chopped olives for a savory version. Any veggies can be diced fine and mixed with cream cheese to make a spread—try cucumbers and onions for a riff on a classic Benedictine.

Use it up: Mix flavored cream cheese with cooked egg yolks as a filling for deviled eggs.


4. Start with….Mustard

True, whole grain mustard is already packed with flavor—but adding a sweet counterpart gives it a whole new spin. Any berry will work, but we like mixing equal parts raspberry puree with Dijon mustard. (Think mostarda, but smoother.) Want an extra kick? Stir in horseradish to taste.

Use it up: Use fruity mustards as a glaze for chicken or pork chops or dollop it on top of a hamburger.


5. Start with…Avocado

If you love mashed avocado as a substitute for mayo, just remember that anything you can stir into mayonnaise tastes equally wonderful blended with avocado. Our favorite? Try mixing in Parmesan and diced bacon for an unforgettable topper to an egg and cheese sandwich. (Psst—you can also layer avocado slices into sandwiches, such as in our Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt.)

Use it up: Mix in cooked diced chicken to make a super-creamy chicken salad, then pile the mixture on top of salad greens.