What’s Your Bagel Personality?

Whether you’re sweet as can be or bold and dramatic, there’s a perfect bagel and beverage pairing for your personality. Read on to find your ideal matchup

1. The Hipster

You were an individualist before it was cool. You’re introspective, trendy (in an anti-trend sort of way) and keenly ironic…or are you? Unexpectedly delicious combinations make your morning, so get your day off to a good start now.

Your pairing: Forget traditional coffee—combine a Superfruit Power Smoothie with a Blueberry Bagel.

2. The Executive

You’re a no-nonsense, problem-solving straight talker who would reschedule your 8:00 a.m. in a heartbeat if it got in the way of having breakfast—hangry meetings are simply unproductive. Opt for classic flavors that don’t fool around either.


Your pairing: Get a French Toast Bagel with a simple Espresso—and get it with Rapid Pick-Up if you’re in a rush.

3. The Nurturer

Sweetness just comes naturally to you. You’re the first to give someone a ride home or offer a shoulder to cry on (no wonder you’re considered the parent of your friend group). It’s time to give a little care and love right back to yourself.

Your pairing: Go with a Cappuccino and a sweet, comforting Chocolate Chip Bagel—kind of like the cookies Mom used to make!

4. The Entertainer

Maybe you’re a full-time performance artist, or maybe you just like to be the center of attention. Either way, you’re outgoing and spontaneous and have an undeniable flair for the dramatic. Frankly, you crave a breakfast as exciting as you are.

Your pairing: Order a Green Passion Power Smoothie and an Asiago Cheese Bagel (and pronounce it “ah-zhee-AH-go”).

5. The Dreamer

You’re not the only one. Shy, subtly sweet and never without something to read, you’re a bit of an introvert (nothing wrong with that!). Interesting flavors and combos intrigue you—they’re just another reason to slow down and savor.

Your pairing: Daydream in a booth with your Chai Tea Latte and Cinnamon Swirl & Raisin Bagel.