You Know You’re a Sandwich Lover If…

1. You get irrationally angry when someone says, “Let’s get a sandwich or something.”

Or SOMETHING? There’s no “or something” about it, buddy.


2. You've considered naming your child Monte Cristo.

Or Torta is kind of pretty, too…


3. You've been given a jam-of-the-month subscription...and were thrilled about it.

Ham and jam, jam and Brie, grilled PB&J…oh, mercy


4. You open friends’ refrigerators and are shocked by their lack of condiments.

They own ONE type of mustard? Just…how?


5. Finding the perfect bacon for your BLT has become an obsession.

*cough* looking at you, Chef Dan Kish *cough cough*


6. You’ve fallen asleep pondering this eternal truth: “A sandwich is only as good as the bread used.”

Because if THAT stinks, there’s no going back.