Your Bagel & Beverage Forecast

Check our forecasts for your perfect bagel-beverage combo, no matter what’s going on in the sky.

Sweater Weather

Your bagel & bev forecast says: Pumpkin Pie Bagel + Caramel Latte

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: time to break out your comfiest hoodie! And is there anything better than walking through a brisk fall breeze with a warm latte in hand? Add a pumpkin pie bagel, and we’re pretty sure life will peak.


Ice Age Approaching

Your bagel & bev forecast says: Whole Grain Bagel + Signature Hot Chocolate

No joke: You’re facing a blizzard with subzero temps before windchill. With a snowtastrophe on the horizon, it’s a good idea to stock up on whole grain bagels to keep you fed while you’re snowed in. Add a hot chocolate to your order for good measure.


Torrential Downpour

Your bagel & bev forecast says: Chocolate Chip Bagel + Freshly Brewed Coffee

Grab a waterproof poncho before you head out today, because there’s a 100 percent chance your umbrella is going to wind up inside out. Stop in and let a warm chocolate chip bagel and coffee comfort you while you dry off.


Heat Wave

Your bagel & bev forecast says: Blueberry Bagel + Superfruit Power Smoothie

Try not to melt—we’re looking at a heat advisory. Nothing goes better with sweltering weather than fruit, and between this blueberry-dotted bagel and a smoothie packed with fruity goodness, you’ll have enough to get you through the worst that summer can throw at you.


Warm and Breezy

Your bagel & bev forecast says: Everything Bagel + Brewed Iced Tea

The sun is out, and so are you! Grab a pair of shades and set aside some extra time this morning for a long walk with a refreshing iced tea and a seedy, garlicky bagel—because honestly, this weather is everything you could ask for.