Your Panera Bread Holiday Traditions

Your Panera Bread Holiday Traditions

Are we your last stop on Christmas Eve? Do you wake up to Panera breakfast goodies on New Year’s Day? We asked you to share your Panera holiday traditions.

Our gift to you at the holidays and every day: fresh ingredients and delicious tastes served in bakery-cafes that thrive on community and an engaging, positive environment. So we’re ecstatic to hear that we make a difference in your holidays. You consider us to be a…

Refresh While Shopping

“I always start my holiday shopping in early November and stop in at Panera for grilled cheese and Vegetarian Creamy Tomato Soup.”
—Teresa C.

“I have to stop by for my Frozen Caramel during the holidays…love it!”
—Cynthia C.

“Until very recently we never lived close enough to a Panera to incorporate you into our traditions. I can very easily see a trip for to-go coffee and salads happening just before we do our holiday grocery shopping. I love drinking excellent coffee while I wander through the store.”
—Lisa A.

“It’s a nice quiet place to take a break from Christmas shopping.”
—Susan R.

Holiday Breakfast Treat

 “Breakfast buffet of cinnamon rolls, juice, and fresh-brewed Panera coffee.”
—Donna K.

“French toast made with Panera Cinnamon Raisin Bread on Christmas morning.”
—Vanessa D.

“Arriving from the U.K. on December 28 this year. New Year’s breakfast is definitely at Panera Bread. Can’t wait!”
—Lynda P.

Cinnamon bread toasted is part of our Christmas Day breakfast—very yummy.”
—Mary A.

Winter Warm-up

“My husband and I love to eat nice warm soup (Baked Potato is our favorite) on a cooler winter day and sip Peppermint Hot Chocolate out of the big mugs.”
—Lisa P.

Secret Ingredient

“Can’t make my dressin’ (yes, some folks call it stuffing) without Panera Sourdough toast and my cornbread.”
—Roberta H.

Thoughtful Gift

“My mom loves the Cinnamon Crunch Bagel but lives 45 minutes away from the nearest Panera in Ohio. So when I fly there from Florida, I’ve brought her Panera bagels.”
—Robin B.

Tradition Worth Starting

“This year Panera will be my last stop—for rolls. Didn’t get them last year, but we will this year.”
—Teresa D.

“May have to add Panera to my traditions….”
—Tina G.