Bakers In Training FAQ's

Please review the following Bakers In Training Frequently Asked Questions. Clicking on any question will allow you to view the answer.  If you do not find your answer, please reach out to us at


Can I sign up a single child?

Currently, the class is only offered to groups of 10 – 15 kids. As we continue to enhance the program based on customer feedback, we will look into offering the program for individual registration. For now, you are welcome to suggest the class to your child's class, scout group, church group, group of friends, etc.

What if my group has more or less than 10 to 15 kids?

At this time, the program is designed for groups of 10–15 children, but please contact us if you have questions regarding a smaller or larger group. If there is more than 20 children it may be a good idea to schedule back-to-back classes.

What if a child in my group has a food allergy?

When sending your list of children to the program coordinator, please make sure to specifically note any allergies next to the child’s name. We will do our best to make the necessary accommodations.

What if the children participating are older or younger than the suggested age range?

The Bakers-In-Training program was designed for children 5 to 12 years of age; however, we try to accommodate age needs in every class. Please let us know in your class registration if you have any special requests.

Do I need to reach out to the bakery-cafe to confirm?

As soon as your registration is received, we will work with your local bakery-cafe to ensure scheduling. All correspondence can be handled through the program coordinator who will contact you with a confirmation email.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, credit, and debit. Payment must be made in full at the start of your class.

Can parents participate?

We encourage parents to participate with their children in the class, however materials will not be provided for them.

How long does the Bakers-in-Training class last?

The Bakers-in-Training classes last roughly an hour to an hour and a half depending on class size.

Can we host a class during a time unavailable on the registration page?

Our available class times are scheduled during non-peak hours to allow for a more enjoyable experience for the children, though we do make exceptions depending on the group size and requested time. Please contact us with any special requests.

Why is my bakery-cafe not listed on the website?

At this time, classes are offered in select bakery-cafes, though we frequently update the list.

Do the kids keep their aprons and hats?


Where can I find the permission slips?

The confirmation e-mail you receive from the Bakers-In-Training program coordinator includes your permission slip as an attachment. You can also download it here.