Fundraising Night Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following Fundraising Night Frequently Asked Questions. Clicking on any question will allow you to view the answer.  If you do not find your answer, please reach out to your fundraising night coordinator.

Fundraising Nights

Do I need to contact the bakery-cafe?

It is not necessary to contact the bakery-cafe. Your fundraising night coordinator will arrange all of the details with your organization and the bakery-cafe.

How often can I host a Fundraising Night?

We limit each organization to two fundraising nights per year. We are willing to host additional nights, dependent on the success of previous events.

How do I cancel my fundraiser?

Please reply to your confirmation e-mail as soon as possible to cancel your event. Your fundraising night coordinator will notify the bakery cafe of the cancellation.

How can I change the date or time of my fundraiser?

Please reply to your confirmation e-mail with your preferred date and time. Your fundraising night coordinator will do their best to accommodate your organization’s preference.

I deleted my flyer by accident. How can I get a new one?

We are happy to send you a new flyer. Please reply to your confirmation email.

I never received a confirmation email or flyer.

Please allow your fundraising night coordinator 10 business days to schedule your event. If you have not received a confirmation within this timeframe, please resubmit a request as your original request may not have gone through.

When can I expect to receive my check?

Please allow 45 days for your check to arrive following your fundraising night. If it has been more than 45 days since your fundraiser, please reply to your confirmation e-mail. We cannot issue your check until we have all tax information, please make sure your tax exempt form was sent to your fundraising night coordinator to prevent hold ups.

How much money did my organization make at our fundraiser?

Please reply to your confirmation e-mail and request the amount that will be donated back to your organization.

What other Fundraising opportunities does Panera offer?

Panera is proud to participate in the Scrip fundraising program, helping non-profit organizations raise money. This popular fundraising program invites non-profit organizations to pre-purchase $10 Panera Cards at a 9% discounted rate, and then re-sell the Panera Cards at full price. To enroll in the Scrip program or to learn more information, you can contact the Great Lakes Scrip Center at 1-800-727-4715 or, Scrip Cents at 269-372-5710 or, or UnitedScrip, Inc. at 1.866.611.9701 or