Fundraising Night Terms and Conditions

Fundraising Night requests are not guaranteed unless submitter receives a confirmation email from Panera Bread, accepting the request. If fundraising night is approved, the following terms and conditions apply:

Panera Bread will prepare and provide one electronic version of the event fundraising flyer (the "Flyer") to the Organization for copying and distribution by the Organization as described below. The Flyer artwork, excluding the organization name and logo is owned by Panera Bread or its affiliates and may be used by Organization only as described in these terms and conditions;

Panera Bread will donate between 10%-20% of net food and beverage sales (gross sales less taxes and other typical overhead expenses) during the Event to the Organization. A minimum of 20 flyers must be redeemed to guarantee a donation. Purchase of Panera Bread® gift cards, Panera Bread® catering, Rapid Pick Up and online orders do not count toward the net food and beverage sales for the Event; Donation percentage will be based on:

  • 20–30 Flyers redeemed: Panera to provide 10% of net food and beverage sales from transactions associated with Flyers redeemed.
  • 31–49 Flyers redeemed: Panera to provide 15% of net food and beverage sales from transactions associated with Flyers redeemed.
  • 50+ Flyers redeemed: Panera to provide 20% of net food and beverage sales from transactions associated with Flyers redeemed.

Panera Bread will mail a check to Organization for the total donation amount approximately 45 days following event.

In connection with the Event, the Organization may use Panera Bread’s name and logo only to promote and otherwise factually describe the Event; provided, however, that Organization may not issue a press release to local media promoting the Event, without Panera Bread’s prior written approval.

The Organization will make copies of the Flyer at its own expense.  All other advertising costs related to the Event incurred by the Organization are also the responsibility of the Organization.

The Organization has the right, but not the obligation to:

At its own expense, send Flyers to all supporters in the Organization’s database, post to Organization’s website, distribute to the Organization’s employees, friends, families and members of the community to promote the Event. By participating in the Event and using the flyer, Organization warrants and represents that distributing the flyers as described in the prior sentence is not in violation of any terms of use, Organization policies or any other limitations on contact previously identified to such parties or in violation of any applicable law and Organization agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Panera Bread, its parent, affiliates, directors, officers and employees from and against any claims by any such parties related to any such contact.