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Investor Relations

Where is Panera Bread stock traded?

Panera Bread Company common stock is traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

Does Panera Bread pay cash dividends?

No. At this time, Panera Bread retains earnings to help finance the Company's continued growth.

Who is the Panera Bread transfer agent?

Computershare Trust Company, N.A. P.O. Box 43078 Providence, RI 02940-3078 Stockholder Inquires 1-877-282-1169

Can I buy shares of stock directly from Panera Bread?

No. Panera Bread stock can only be purchased through your stockbroker.

Does Panera Bread offer franchise opportunities?

Yes. Panera Bread offers multi-store area development agreement (ADA) opportunities to a select group of well-qualified applicants. For more information on qualification criteria and markets available for development, please see our Franchise Information page.

How can I contact Panera Bread Investor Relations?

You can write to us at Panera Bread Investor Relations, 3630 S. Geyer Road St. Louis, MO 63127

How does Panera Bread relate to Saint Louis Bread Co. and Au Bon Pain Co., Inc.?

Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. purchased Saint Louis Bread Co. in 1993 and operated both the Panera Bread/Saint Louis Bread Co. and Au Bon Pain business units. In May 1999, Au Bon Pain Co., Inc. sold the Au Bon Pain business unit and retained the Panera Bread/Saint Louis Bread Co. business unit. Panera Bread is expanding quickly across North America, operating 2,024 company-owned and franchise-operated bakery-cafes in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and in Ontario, Canada as of September 27, 2016, under the Panera Bread®, Saint Louis Bread Co.® and Paradise Bakery & Cafe® names.

What is the NASDAQ ticker symbol for Panera Bread?


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