You’ve got great taste. You love good food. It’s why you go to Panera. And that’s something that deserves rewarding. See, we’re always looking for ways to thank the people who drop in, say hello and do fun things with us. So that’s what MyPanera is all about — treating friends like you to surprises you’ll love.

We Take Good Care of Our Friends

  • RewardsGet the treats you love — and find out when they’re coming.
  • ChallengesShare the love, try new adventures and get chances to win prizes.
  • More PaneraFind recipes, tips, interviews, articles and more.

MyPanera in a Nutshell

(or would you prefer a bread bowl?)


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It’s easy to sign up for MyPanera, and there’s never any charge or obligation.


Do what comes naturally.

Stop by, show your card, share the love and see what’s new. We’ll make sure the surprises keep coming.

Get rewarded.

In fact, you’ll get your first reward right away. We like to start things off on a good note.

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