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Power Source Jan 6-12
This Weeks Prize
LoseIt Scale

MyPanera members don’t just participate in the Challenge, they get rewarded for it, and that helps keep you motivated. This week’s Motivator is easy – tap into the power. If you’re a Member, sign in, and if not, sign up to join.

Powerful Inspiration Jan 13-18
This Weeks Prize

The biggest source of the power to meet your goals are the people in your life you’re doing it for. This week’s challenge: Tell us who inspires you with the hashtag #panerachallenge on the Lose It! app’s challenge activity feed. It’ll be the added oomph you need as we get into the Challenge.

Power Breakfast Jan 19-26
This Weeks Prize
Panera Gift Card

It’s been widely found that a healthy breakfast is crucial to powering up your metabolism for the day ahead. This week’s Motivator: Tell us how you power up your day with breakfast at Panera Bread, using the hashtag #panerachallenge on the Lose It! app’s challenge activity feed.

Power Salad Jan 27-Feb 2
This Weeks Prize
Hummus Bowl Salad

Adding protein to a Panera salad gives you the extra energy to power your day and meet your goals. This week’s Motivator: Fuel up with a Panera salad topped off with the protein of your choice and log it in the Lose It! App.

Custom Power Feb 3-9
This Weeks Prize
Jaw Bone

Here’s a powerful idea. Did you know you can customize Panera offerings to ensure you’re getting just the fuel that’s right for you? Share your powerful customizations for this week’s Motivator - using the hashtag #panerachallenge on the Lose It! app’s challenge activity feed.

Power Duo Feb 10-16
This Weeks Prize
Fuel Band

Pairings can be powerful. Whether it’s a fitness partner or a friend who joins you for a health lunch. This week’s Motivator: Create a power pairing of your own by selecting You Pick Two menu items under 600 calories and log it on the Lose It! app.

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Grand Prize:
Hello, Sandals Resort

How's this for motivation? A chance to kick back, relax, and show off your results. My Panera members in the Challenge can win a Luxury Included® Vacation to any Sandals Resort with locations on the Caribbean's best beaches in Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, The Bahamas, Barbados and Grenada! Learn more about Sandals Resorts.  

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