Turkey and Cranberry: A Classic Combination

Turkey and Cranberry: A Classic Combination

Turkey Cranberry Flatbread Sandwich from Panera Bread® is like Thanksgiving in a sandwich—with a delicious twist.

When it comes to autumnal flavors, nothing sets our hearts racing—and our stomachs growling—like juicy turkey paired with sweet-tart cranberries. The brand new Turkey Cranberry Flatbread Sandwich from Panera Bread makes the most of those flavors but with a flavorful difference: Instead of garden-variety cranberry sauce, one side of the sandwich is layered with a piquant cranberry mostarda. The other side is spread with a zesty, garlic-and-herb cheese spread.

Wondering what mostarda is? It’s like a cross between a sweet jam and a savory chutney. “We make our mostarda with select ingredients that include sweetened dried cranberries, a little sugar, white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, and thyme—it’s got a bit of a kick to it,” says Panera food team member John Taylor. The addition of this unique condiment, he says, “lets us serve a familiar sandwich like turkey in a way that might surprise you.” The turkey itself, raised without antibiotics, is cooked low and slow to keep it moist and juicy, and tender spinach leaves round out the sandwich.

Itching to try a similar combination at home? Start with freshly roasted turkey (buy a small one or just a turkey breast) and baby spinach. John says store-bought naan-style bread comes the closest to Panera’s flatbread, and Boursin® cheese makes a fine substitute for our house-made garlicky cheese spread. You’ll find cranberry mostarda at specialty stores and larger supermarkets, or you can make it yourself using our recipe. “You could even stir a bit of Dijon and chopped thyme into prepared whole-berry cranberry sauce, as long as it’s not too sugary,” John says. “We believe in cooking intuitively—if it tastes good to you, go for it!”

Or use this combination of flavors in a whole new way.

Creamy Pasta Supper: Stir a dollop of garlic-herb cheese spread into a bowl of hot cooked pasta (add a splash of the cooking water to make it saucy), then toss it with chunks of roasted turkey and baby spinach leaves. Optional: Top each serving with a spoonful of cranberry mostarda.

Sweet and Savory Salad: Fill a bowl with baby spinach or other tender greens, plus a handful of crunchy croutons. Spread mostarda on slices of turkey, then cut it into strips and place on the greens. For dressing, whisk a spoonful of garlic-herb cheese spread with white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Toss with the other ingredients.

Updated Burgers: Next time you make turkey burgers, spread one side of the bun with cranberry mostarda and the other with garlic-herb cheese. Optional: Top with baby spinach.